No news was received from Çağrı cutter, who worked as a computer engineer at Akdeniz University (AU), after he left the house on May 10. His relatives called on social media to find Kesever.

Yalçın Çiftçioğlu, brother-in-law of Bıçak, who is married and has two children, said that he was last seen near a hotel in Lara. Çiftçioğlu said that he left the house wearing gray sweatpants, black t-shirt and sneakers.

“We have not been able to receive news since the morning on Monday, May 10th. He left his mobile phones, IDs, and purse at home. The Marmara Hotel was last seen there. The sea police called, searched with drones, searched with police dogs, but no result. cameras are not working, so there are images up to there, there are no later ones. “


Stating that Callbreaker was relocated while working at AU Hospital, Çiftçioğlu said, “He was started to work in general information processing. He got into a bit of trouble when his position was changed.”

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