Turkcell GranFondo 2021, which will be held for the first time in Istanbul and hosted by Beykoz Municipality, in the nature and history-filled atmosphere of the district, will take place in accordance with social distance rules and with increased health measures.


The start of the race, which will be accompanied by the touristic sights of Beykoz covered in blue and green, will be given at the Expo Area in front of Beykoz Municipality. Athletes who will pedal on the 82 km long and 40 km short track will pass through the lush nature of Yoros Castle, Anadolu Kavağı, Kaynarca, Paşamandıra, Cumhuriyetköy and Polonezköy and arrive at the Expo Area.
Turkcell GranFondo Istanbul, which draws attention with its challenging stage climbing slope, will be the scene of the exciting struggle of male and female athletes in every category. Various gifts, cups and medals will be presented to the winners of the competition to commemorate the day.



Some of the roads in the district will be closed to vehicle traffic between 08:00-15:00 so that the races, which are expected to contribute to the international promotion of Beykoz, which hosts the most beautiful nature views of Istanbul, can be held in a safe and healthy environment. p>

The roads and streets that will be closed to traffic on the race day in Beykoz are as follows:

1.Kelle İbrahim Caddesi2.Fevzi Paşa Caddesi3.Ahmet Mithat Caddesi4.Çayır Caddesi5.Doğu Kapısı Caddesi6.Anadolu Kavağı Caddesi7.Macar Tabya Caddesi8.Eğriboyun Caddesi9.İncirli (Mirşah) Sokak10.Mirşah Sokak More11.Cafer Baba Sokak12.Fener Yolu Caddesi13.Anadolufeneri Yolu Sokak14.Kabakoz Yolu Caddesi15.Fener Caddesi16.Yüzyıl Caddesi17.Dereboyu Caddesi18.Kaynarca Yolu Sokak19.Kalkandere Cad20.Riva Caddesi21.Muzice Caddesi22.Paşamandıra Caddesi23.Demirkapı Caddesi24.Saniye İsmail Hanım Caddesi25.Kılıçlı Caddesi26. .Şile Caddesi28.Trabzon Caddesi29.Serinsu Caddesi30. Bozhane Yolu Sokak31.Beykoz Yolu Caddesi32. Dünya Caddesi33.Seyri Caddesi34.Polonezköy Sokak35.Kazim Karabekir Caddesi36.Martyr Cengiz Caddesi37.Martyr Aziz Caddesi38.Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar Caddesi39.Riva Yolu40.Zerzevatçı Yolu Sokak41. Elmalı Yolu Sokak42.Kirazlı Yayla Yolu Caddesi43.Birinci Dede44.Beykoz Elmalı Yolu Caddesi45.Mehmet Yavuz Caddesi46. Şahinkaya Caddesi47.Akbaba Caddesi48.Maraş Caddesi49. Karakulak Caddesi 50. Sirmakeş Street

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