In the local media, the meeting to be held upon the call of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was attended by the prominent figures of Shas, representing the Ultra-Orthodox Jews and the United Torah Party, as well as the Speaker of the Parliament Yariv Levin. It was stated that he was also expected to participate.
It was stated that the purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas on what steps could be taken to prevent the formation of a coalition government led by Lapid-Bennett.

Parties opposed to Netanyahu, who has served as prime minister for more than 12 years in Israel, agreed to form a coalition government last night.

In order to form a coalition government that will remove Netanyahu from his seat, he has to take the oath of confidence in the Parliament by 14 June.


It is stated that Parliament Speaker Levin, who is a deputy from Netanyahu’s party Likud, aims to delay the vote of confidence session.

Parties that agreed to take part in the Lapid-Bennett coalition submitted a petition today to elect a new Speaker of the House to replace Levin, in order to prevent this and to hold a vote of confidence session as soon as possible.


New era in Israel!

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