US President Joe Biden pointed out that all adults in the USA have the right to be vaccinated, and said, “As long as the pandemic continues anywhere in the world, the US people will not be protected.”

Emphasizing that the USA has committed 4 billion doses to the Kovid-19 Vaccines Global Access Program (COVAX), created by the World Health Organization, Biden said, “My administration supports the temporary removal of intellectual property rights on the Kovid-19 vaccine, because over time it will become more and more difficult. Our need for many companies to produce life-saving vaccines is increasing,” he said.

Indicating that they have already shared 4 million doses of vaccine with Canada and Mexico, Biden stated that they plan to share 80 million doses of vaccine resources with the world by the end of June.



Stating that they announced the sharing program of 25 million doses of vaccine that they will share with the world, Biden said, “At least 75 percent (about 19 million) of these doses will be shared through COVAX. 6 million doses of this will be sent to Latin America and the Caribbean, approximately 7 million. He shared the information that he will go to South and Southeast Asia, and about 5 million of them will go to Africa.

Biden stated that the remaining 6 million doses will be shared with countries that are currently experiencing an increase in cases and in crisis, including Canada, Mexico, India and South Korea.

Underlining that the purpose of the vaccine sharing is to end the Kovid-19 epidemic, Biden shared the message, “We will continue to follow the science and work closely with our democratic partners, including the G7, to support multilateral efforts.”

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