The accident in Adana took place in the central district of Seyhan, Şehit Duran District. According to the claim, İ.K., who brought passengers from Kilis. He stopped by his relatives in Şehit Duran District by taxi.

İ.K., on the way back from here, lost control of the steering wheel and first hit the motorcycle and then flew to Seyhan River. While İ.K, who was slightly injured, exited the river by his own means, Hüseyin Itır, who was next to the motorcycle, and 1 person whose name could not be learned were injured. Two seriously injured people were taken to hospitals by ambulances.



Taxi driver İ.K. however, he did not want to go to the hospital. İ.K. He stayed at the scene and looked at his taxi that was buried in the river and said, “I sacrificed my taxi to avoid hitting the motorcycle. The motorcycle was not going its own way. I fell into the river to avoid hitting them. I threw myself into the river for a pity, ”he said.

In addition, İ.K. replied “Absolutely no” when asked if he was intoxicated, although he made strange movements and could hardly stand up.


The police examined the security camera footage of the surrounding area. In one of the images, it was seen that the taxi came very quickly and, not noticing the bend, flew after hitting the sidewalk, falling on two people and the motorcycle on the riverside. The taxi then rolls into the river. It was seen that the citizens of the area came to the first aid of the injured.

When these images appeared, the taxi driver was detained. It was also revealed that the driver had 171 promil alcohol.

The taxi driver asked, laughing at the scene yesterday, “Which channel will this news be on?” It was learned that the treatment of the injured in the hospital is continuing and their condition is severe.


The moments that make you say no accident are on camera

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