The incident occurred in 812 Street, Taşpazar Mahallesi. According to the information obtained, the guards of the neighborhood and the bazaar, who were informed that there was gambling in a residence, met Murat B. (29) who went out in the apartment where they went to check the residence. The person who tried to escape when he saw the guards, hit the glass at the door of the building and injured his wrist.

While the suspect was caught before he could escape, he resisted to get rid of the guards. Upon the news of the guards, the Public Security Branch teams who came to the scene wanted to take the person into custody. Murat B., who had a hard time for the police and the guards, threatened the members of the press who wanted to see himself and swore them. The alcoholic person, who did not calm down, was handcuffed and put in the police vehicle with difficulty.

Murat B. shouted inside the vehicle as well, hitting his head against the glass and kicking the windows and doors of the police vehicle with his feet. Murat B., who was taken to the Aksaray University Training and Research Hospital Emergency Service by the police teams, was taken to the Aksaray Police Center Headquarters after the health check and treatment on his wrist. While starting an investigation into the incident, no finding was found in the house where gambling was notified.


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