Marmara’s nightmare-2: After mucilage, now sea foam!

Pollution, which is the nightmare of Marmara, is actually the nightmare of all our seas. So much so that after the mucilage in the North Aegean, the sea foam, again caused by pollution, reappeared. Experts say that the species living in the Aegean Sea has decreased to 50 from 500 species in the last 50 years. The second part of our article series????



Don’t let the Aegean look like Marmara!

President Erdogan worked with 4 interesting US Presidents! How was June 14th?

Since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s term as Prime Minister, 4 US Presidents have changed. Finally, Erdogan will meet with Joe Biden on June 14. What agenda have we come this far with? What separates the Biden era from the Bush, Obama and Trump eras?


4 presidents, 4 terms! What’s more interesting this time?

Cheetahs are returning to India! ‘A first in history…’

Cheetahs are returning to India. How did these very fast cats become extinct in the early 70s in India, where more than 10 thousand cheetahs lived during the Mughal Empire, and how is the return planned?


World’s fastest cat returns to its old home after half a century

How did a prison where women were treated disgustingly closed? ‘They were taking them from the wards at midnight…’

These prisoners lived inside a horror movie. Inmates at Edna Mahan Women’s Prison in New Jersey, USA, were taken from their cells by midnight raids, harassed and forced to have sexual relations with each other. As a result of the investigations, it was decided to close the facility.


How did a prison where women were treated disgustingly closed?

Return to social life wristbands are out! ????: Don’t touch me | ????: Let’s hug

The return to social life begins. How do we know who is very strict on social distancing rules and who is flexible? Social distancing wristbands can eliminate this problem…


They may be in our arms very soon!

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