In Arnavutköy, the shopkeeper named Ü.A., went to the police on Thursday, June 10, and reported that D.B. The wife of the woman named S.N. and his relative M.O. and said that they had taken 50 thousand liras from him with threats. Ü.A. later said that the suspects took him to the forest area in Sarıyer and had him sign a deed worth 150 thousand lira at gunpoint, and in return for this deed, he went to the notary and sent his vehicle to S.D. He filed a complaint, stating that he handed it over to the suspect named.

Police teams took action on this. A total of 5 suspects, 2 of them women, were detained in the operation against 6 unusual addresses. While the 5 suspects, D.B., S.A., and S.D., who were referred to the court after their proceedings at the police station, were released, M.Ö. and S.N. were arrested.



Bloody night of former business partners in Şişli

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