A 46-year-old soldier named Jürgen Conings has reportedly deserted his base, stealing anti-tank rockets, heavy machine guns and ammunition. Thereupon, an operation was started in many parts of Belgium to find the soldier who was previously determined to have radical right views.

It was found that Conings sent threatening messages to virologist Marc Van Ranst and his family, who coordinated Belgium’s fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. Van Ranst and the family were taken to a safe place.

Conings, who was concerned about the attack on Van Ranst and his family, was sent on suspicion that Conings was hiding in a forested area near the city of Limburg. The police found the deserter’s vehicle abandoned. It was announced that there were 4 anti-tank rockets in the vehicle.


It is estimated that Conings still had heavy weapons and ammunition and fled on foot in the 12,000-hectare forest. The inhabitants of the area were warned not to go to the forest area, which is a natural park.


It was stated that the fugitive soldier could carry out a terrorist attack and the mosques around Limburg, the region where he fled due to this possibility, were also temporarily closed for precautionary purposes.

Belgian police also warned some mosques to have their doors locked during prayers.

After the desertion of Jürgen Conings with heavy weapons, the question arose how radical-minded soldiers could still serve in the Belgian army.

After the escape, it was revealed that due to the far-right views of Conings, Belgium was shown as a “possible terrorist threat” by the Threat Analysis Coordination Agency, which evaluates terrorist threats. It has been reported that around 30 military members such as Conings are under observation for their sympathy for far-right groups.

It was noted that such persons should not have access to weapons, and an investigation was conducted into how Conings reached the weapons. The Belgian Ministry of Defense stated that such soldiers were identified and unearthed, and the threat was minimal.

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