The incident in Aksaray took place in Ereğli Kapı Mahallesi Bediuzzaman Boulevard. After having his vehicle inspected at the vehicle inspection station, the car under the administration of Bayram Güneş (39), who went home, smoke rose from the engine part while the car was on the move. The driver, who pulled his vehicle to the roadside, got out of the vehicle and realized that the engine that gave an electrical failure was burning.

The other drivers on the road came to the rescue of the driver who asked for help from the environment. Citizens who helped the driver with fire tubes in their vehicles extinguished the fire. Police teams practicing at the intersection of Atatürk Boulevard and Bediuzzaman Boulevard also noticed the fuss of the citizens and arrived at the scene. Called to the scene by police teams, Aksaray Municipality Fire Department teams put out a cooling work in the engine part of the car.

The driver, who told about his incident, Bayram Güneş said, “It was already within 50 meters. I saw smoke coming out from below, I stopped the car and pulled over. I already had a fire extinguisher. I was just coming from the examination. I opened the hood, flames broke out. I intervened with the tube I had was not enough. We got a tube from friends who are standing, God bless. We intervened and extinguished. Thank you, the police friends helped, too.



When the police came home, they escaped from the 6th floor balcony

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