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Real Madrid started the match better. The Spanish representative, who was effective with foreign shots, caught an 8-0 series. Taking a break after the bad start, Anadolu Efes recovered with the baskets of Sertaç Şanlı and Larkin. Scoring points with Laprovittola, the guest team was ahead 11-7 in the 5th minute. Increasing his pace in defense and responding to his opponent with accurate three-pointers, Anadolu Efes got ahead in the 7th minute with Simon’s basket: 15-14. In the last moments of the quarter, superiority changed hands frequently. Defending the crucible gold against Tavares, Anadolu Efes finished the first period by 20-18.

Anadolu Efes made a very good start to the second quarter. The home team finished the 12th minute ahead 29-22. Real Madrid prevented its opponent from widening the gap with the baskets it found behind the three-point line. While the fight was a balanced game, Anadolu Efes scored with its short players, ahead 41-39 in the 18th minute. Navy-whites entered the dressing room 44-40 superior.


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Entering the second half with Simon and Sertaç Şanlı’s three pointer, Anadolu Efes increased the difference to double digits for the first time in the match: 50-40. Both teams made easy ball losses in the last quarter with a fast pace. The home team was ahead 53-42 in the 26th minute. While the individual performances of Micic and Sertaç Şanlı stood out in this quarter, Anadolu Efes increased the difference to 17 points in the 29th minute: 62-45. The home team, which responded to Real Madrid, which got points from fast breaks, with the baskets recorded from the painted area, went ahead 64-50 in the last quarter.

Anadolu Efes started the final period effectively. The navy-whites, who scored with Moerman and Dunston, were ahead of the 33rd minute by 19 points (72-53) in front of Real Madrid, who could not find a hit from the consecutive shots. The home team, which continued to score baskets against its opponent falling from the game, increased the difference to 24 points in the 34th minute: 77-53. Anadolu Efes, making the difference a little more, won the match 90-63.

The second match of the series, in which the team will have three wins in total, will be written in the Final Four, and will be played at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall on Thursday, April 22, hosted by Anadolu Efes.

On the other hand, Vasilije Micic, who was injured in the 34th minute of the fight, could not continue the encounter.


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