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Galatasaray Vice President Rezan Epözdemir responded to the statements of Çaykur Rizespor President Tahir Kıran about them.

“Tahir Kıran said that we did not complain about Arbitration to the prosecutor’s office. Look, we complained to the Arbitration Board on August 11th. I also give the file number, so they can follow up closely. Tahir Kıran’s statements are completely manipulative and true. statements. Following a file that does not concern you more than the relevant one strengthens our previous claims. Those concerned do not follow this file that much.

Today is the last time we talk about this issue. We do not want the process to be affected even more. Mr. Tahir Kıran’s statements are untrue. It’s already in a text. That text also misinforms people or itself.

We do not go out and make statements with sensational concerns. Nobody can say that Galatasaray Vice President is putting on a show. Everyone should know. I return this statement to Mr. Tahir Kıran. With this document, everyone has seen who made a show.


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Another point is that Mr. Kıran made a statement saying, “Let them not curl up, let them make false statements”. Was it revealed with this document who lied and twisted? It turned out… We will reveal with documents who lied and who twisted.

We also filed a complaint against PFDK. They may say that they did not do it. We submitted our complaint on 27 August. Our President apologized for not being able to return to the President of Rizespor. We have no apology for the matter. He makes positive evaluations about our teacher Fatih. He has negative words about our president and me. Until yesterday, Turkey knows his words about Fatih Hodja.

Hodja Fatih is very valuable and valuable to us. It is the sole authority in technical matters. The only manager of Galatasaray is Mr. Burak Elmas. They shouldn’t try to create a dichotomy between Florya and us, it won’t hurt us.”


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