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The Democratic President of the USA, Biden, opposed the controversial abortion ban that came into force in Texas yesterday, in a written statement, and argued that the practice interferes with women’s constitutional rights. Biden criticized the Supreme Court, stating that the court decision allowing such a ban on abortion was “a major attack on women’s constitutional rights”.

Indicating that the federal government has instructed women in Texas to look at what they can do to have an abortion in order to exercise these rights, Biden emphasized that they will use all their means in this direction.

The US Supreme Court gave the green light to the law by not considering the urgent application made the night before to prevent the law from going into effect on September 1. With the negative opinion of 5 conservative judges, 3 of whom were appointed during the period of former President Donald Trump, the court refused to include the application on the agenda in 5-4 ways.

Biden said that the law, which he described as “extreme”, violates women’s constitutional rights and that his administration will defend and protect this right.


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The law passed in Texas last May is cited by experts as one of the toughest abortion laws in the United States.

While the law prohibits women who have passed the 6th week of their pregnancy from having abortions, it is possible to sue people who assist women who have an abortion after 6 weeks, provide financial assistance for abortion or take them to their clinic, as well as abortion clinics. The plaintiffs do not have to be related in any way to the person having the abortion.

The law has been criticized for contradicting the US Supreme Court’s previous rulings that states cannot prohibit abortion before 22-24 weeks, when the fetus is certain to be viable, and that it is not possible for women to learn that they are pregnant before 6 weeks.


Controversial abortion ban comes into effect!

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