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Besiktas, which made a good start to the Super League, has 5 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 8 games played since the beginning of the season, and ranks 3rd in the league. Despite the injuries experienced in the team, the black-and-whites, who drew a good graphic, are having problems with Cyle Larin’s contract. The club made its final decision on the salary. Beşiktaş Management, who wanted to sign a new contract with Cyle Larin before the second half of the season started, decided not to make any concessions to the Canadian player’s manager. Due to the desire to follow the path opened by Vincent Aboubakar’s manager, it was determined that the black and white people, who had problems in the negotiations with Larin, reached a consensus on a minor improvement in the annual guarantee fee of the striker footballer, in the last situation assessment they made. It was reported that the black-and-white management, which does not like to make high contracts with foreign players because of the fact that at least four Turkish football players will take place in the first 11 of the season, are in the process of extending the contract with Cyle Larin on their own terms. “From now on, we need to pave the way for young people like Güven, Can, Ersin, Rıdvan, Berkay and even Hasic when they return to the field. No one is indispensable on this team. Nobody is bigger than Beşiktaş. We know that those who left this team want to play in Beşiktaş again.”


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